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On January 15th, 2008, Zeus granted 6 Precious Stones the divine quest of retrieving the Diamond of Peace and Eternal Life in the Land of Omega. Armed with various weapons, to which they were unfamiliar, he instructed them that their journey would start at the base of the Eternal Sandz of Time. Although these souls originated from different destinations in life, they made a vow to work together, educate themselves, achieve the Diamond of Peace & Eternal Life and share it with all they could enlighten.

Precious Stone #1 led their journey through the desolate Navy Sandz, her IMPENETRABLE SWORD of LOVE was able to transform all enemies who stood in her way into allies, as she held the PASSION to carry the mission forth in the spirit that only Q-PiD could possess!!

Precious Stone #2 used her SCEPTER OF STABILITY making sure that whatever circumstances they encountered they would stick to the PRINCIPLE that they stood on. She would not allow them to get caught up in the PHanTasy that surrounded them.


Precious Stone #3 led the way though the dismal Grey Sandz where she allowed all to drink from her CHALLIS OF WISDOM, thus creating a PHILOSOPHY enlightening all who were living in DARKNESS!!

The MeNage’ that was created benefited all they provided knowledge to. Yet the mission WAS BRUTAL on the MIND AND SPIRIT, and it was Precious Stone # 4’s SCEPTER OF STRENGTH that pressed them all to hold their heads high in PRESTIGE and honor for the task they shared. Her ability to 4PlaY the scenarios ahead of them, lead them through UNSCATHED!!

As they crossed into the White Sandz the conditions became almost UNBEARABLE, many times they wanted to GIVE UP THE FIGHT, but Precious Stone #5 used her SWORD OF FAITH to ensure them that their QUEST WAS NOT IN VAIN, and thus reviving their PURPOSE to carry on longer!! Holding onto their KonViKtioN they came upon the gate to the Kingdom of Omega, they were weary, but still DEDICATED to the mission now more than ever.


Precious Stone #6 allowed them all to drink from her CHALLIS OF LOYALTY as she knew that it was their ALLEGIANCE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY THAT BROUGHT THEM THAT FAR!! AgainZt All OddZ they pressed forward and with that RENEWED POWER, they banded as one to TOGETHER, AS ONE, IN AN UNDENIABLE BOND OF TRUE BRUHHOOD to achieve SACRED DIAMOND OF PEACE & ETERNAL HAPPINESS.

Knowing that they had learned the MOST VALUABLE LESSON OF TOGETHERNESS ALONG WAY, Zeus appointed and crowned them the Supreme Keepers of the Diamond, giving them each a portion of it to SHARE WITH THE WORLD!!

Written by Former Founder MeNage’ A TrE’

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