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On January 15, 2008, one WoMan had the idea to create an organization founded on BRUHHOOD, SCHOLARSHIP, INTEGRITY, HONOR, LEADERSHIP, DEDICATION and RESPECT. An organization full of PRESTIGE that had the PURPOSE and PRINCIPLE to keep the PASSION of its unbreakable bond regardless of the circumstances. One whose PHILOSOPHY of building each other and their communities fueled her dream and encouraged her to use her POWER to ultimately bring chaos to order. 

As she crossed the burning WHITE, GRAY and NAVY sands, she emerged from the embers stronger and wiser with the PASSION and POWER to press on. Armed with the SWORDS OF LOVE AND FAITH, grounded by the SCEPTERS OF STRENGTH AND STABILITY and bonded by the DIAMOND OF PEACE AND ETERNAL LIFE, the ALPHA OMEGA FOUNDATION was finally formed.

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