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Bruhs Celebrated First Collegiate Graduate - Asia White 

Preparing for possible Fall Membership @ University of Houston, Houston, TX

Beta Alpha Chapter is launched to cover the Louisiana 

College/University area

Spring Rush Has Begun..... Attend Greek Informational @ TSU

gammagazette - eta alpha sop.jpg

Collegiate Intake Requirements

  1. Must show ability and attitude for growth and development.

  2. Must have 5 hours of community service.

  3. Must be a full-time student at your university.

  4. Must be at least 19 yrs. Old

  5. Must have completed application to the Vice- President/ Director of Membership.

  6. Must have a GPA of 2.7

  7. Must adhere to all policies, procedures, and rules of the organization for joining.



Texas Southern University Eta Alpha Chapter

In the summer of 2015, one pit named ELiT decided to wonder the yard and expand her family. She traveled all across Houston, Tx to find the right university to mate with. She came across Texas Southern University and didn’t want to leave. ELiT’s journey to get her pups was a long and tiring one. On the 3rd of September 2016, she was told, she could officially start her family. For months and months, she waited for her pups, until they finally came to her. 2 Lonesome pups looking for a home, a family that would teach them what it means to be a Bruh. ELiT made it her mission to show these two what an Omega woMan is supposed to be.


Written by Charter Members (Stephanie Jordan & Asia White)


Charter Date: September 3, 2016

Charter Location: Texas Southern University

TSU Sigma Omega Phi Advisors:

              Dr. Grace Loudd & Mr. Daniel Harris

Campus Advisor: Demetria “Bruh ELiT” Franklin

Charter Members: Stephanie Jordan and Asia White

Eta Alpha Stroll Song: DMX “X Gonna Give It to Ya”

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