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We Believe in operating with integrity, trust, and respect, both as individuals and as a Fraternity. We will conduct ourselves within the spirit and the law, regulations, and policies that govern this organization. We will be honest with one another, fully disclosing all appropriate information, and not just that which supports our point of view. We will have the courage to do what is right at all times.

We will demonstrate a passion to succeed in every aspect of our Fraternity. We will bring optimism, initiative, and dedication to our Fraternity, displaying confidence in our ability to succeed. We will raise our expectations for what is possible, and encourage a critical review with our results. We will apply our learning's to the future, using both our successes and our disappointments as stepping stones to our ever growing success. 

We believe in executing with quality. We execute by saying what we will do, doing what we say, and documenting our results. We will encourage our Fraternity to think about things differently and to think about different things. We will build and develop ideas through collaborative leadership and by utilizing the talents within our Fraternity, We will be receptive to new ideas and applaud those who dare to think differently. 

We will share ideas, opinions, and expertise openly and unselfishly both within our Fraternity as well as with those with whom we interact with in our personal dealings, thus demonstrating the true spirit of collaboration. We will promote personal and professional pride and growth. As a Fraternity, we acknowledge and embrace our role as responsible, involved citizens and community leaders. 

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