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Welcome to the national website of Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity, Incorporated!

Since our founding in 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, Sigma Omega Phi has seen excellent growth not only in the quality of women we develop but becoming collegiate at Texas Southern University. Service is paramount to our organization and because of that, we have seen great growth in the impact we are making in our local communities. 

Since I crossed in the Summer of 2009, I’ve seen the organization evolve into an organization of gentlewomen who face every challenge head-on. Our gentlewomen continue to strive; they continue to turn their dreams into goals and their goals into reality. Our walk is different, our talk is different. Our journey has led us to the land of Navy, Grey, and White. Our Navyhood! 
As we approach 2020, our National Board will make strides to bring educational workshops for all members and create a positive platform for our LGBT brothers and sisters. We will also create new programs for our members and rollout newly anticipated awards and incentives. 

As our Founder and Former President, Amber Moore, help set the foundation; she has given us the bricks and mortar to build our Fraternal Bruhhood. We will continue to focus on our philanthropy initiatives and promoting Greek Unity. 
Please feel free to contact me or any of our board members with additional questions you may have about our organization.

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