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ORKIN BOXSHOE PROJECT - Personal hygiene boxes 4 Homeless

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Please take a moment and review the list of items being requested for the shoeboxes. Our goal for this is to have enough donations to make 50 shoe boxes.

FINAL Drop off Deadline is 04/18  1pm - 4pm

Drop off Location: The Rush Center 1530 Dekalb avenue, ste. A Atlanta, GA 30307




Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity, Incorporated is a collegiate, social service fraternity for lesbian women everywhere that consider themselves to be masculine-identified, dominate, aggressive, and/or stud. We strive to expound excellence in ourselves, others, as well as our community. It is our goal to give dominate lesbian woMEN everywhere a greater ability to express themselves, work for their communities, as well as, enjoy the Greek Fraternity experience free of prejudice or injustice...thus making our organization a PHORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!

This intake process is designed for those that are not in college at Texas Southern University as a full time student or those that have or have not ever attended college and would like to have the Greek Experience, Lifestyle and Bruhhood.
If this is you, please complete our Interest Application to proceed to the next step in the process.


This intake process is designed for those that are full time students. Click below to see the schools and new state area.  ​​

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