Spring 2016 Applications
Deadline 01/15/2016
$50 application fee

Spring Event Announcements are coming
Need Information about pledging

National Office Address
1530 DeKalb Avenue, STE A
Atlanta,GA 30307

Are you Interested in Being a Member of Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Being a Member of this fraternity is like no other... This is a LIFELONG commitment. This fraternity is build on the true understanding of Bruhhood. We are the Epitome of True Boi in every way.

General Qualifications for Membership:

All applicants must meet these requirements

- Must be over 20 years old.
- Must do 5 hours of Community Service Hours before being selected or participate in a local Chapter/Colony Service project.
- Must be an AG, DOM, Stud, a Boi, or a masculine identified gay female.
- Must adhere to all policies, procedures and rules of the organization for pledging
- Must pass interview with a combined score of 90 or better
- Must have completed application to the Vice-President/Director of Membership
- You DO NOT identify as TransGender/FTM
- Must show ability and attitude for growth and development

National Qualifications for Membership:

- Must have a GED or High School Diploma
- Three References (1 Personal, 2 Professional)
- Must have a 5 year prospectus

TSU Collegiate Qualifications for Membership:

- Must be a Sophomore, Junior, Senior or Graduate
- Must have a GPA 2.7
- Must be a current student of Texas Southern University


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